Hunting Prices

The Texas Trophy Whitetail Hunt of a lifetime is waiting on you

Our goal at the Yellow Moon Ranch is to provide our hunters with the opportunity to experience the hunt of their dreams! We will do everything we can to provide you with multiple opportunities. At Yellow Moon Ranch we have 7- feeders and 2- food plots with nice blinds and tripods for bowhunters. We have a shooting range with a covered awning and solid shooting bench at 100 yards, as well as a complete processing area with a lighted skinning rack with water and walk in cooler.

Whitetail Deer Hunts

Boone & Crocket Gross Score of ---
150 to 159--------------------------------------------$5000
160 to 169--------------------------------------------$5500
170 to 179--------------------------------------------$6500
180 to 189--------------------------------------------$7500
190 to 199--------------------------------------------$8500
200 to 210--------------------------------------------$9500
210 to 225------------------------------------------$10,000
226 to 250------------------------------------------$12,000

  • All hunts require a $1500 Deposit at time of booking.
  • Deposit comes off the Trophy Fee for harvest. If no Trophy is taken, the Deposit will not be refunded.
  • All Trophy hunts include 1-Doe
  • Trophy scoring measurements will be done by Yellow Moon Ranch management and will be final. All scoring will be done by gross B & C criteria. We promise we will be more than fair! Your guide will give you gross scoring estimates in the field, but the actual score once harvested will be what determines the price bracket for Trophy Fee.
  • Gratuity is not included in Trophy Fees but is typically 15% to 20%.
  • Observer rates are $200 per night for adults and $100 for kids under 17. Includes meals and lodging.
  • Skinning and quartering will be an extra charge.
  • No Trophy Fee will be charged if an animal is not harvested, just the Deposit Fee which will cover hunt, guides, meals and lodging.
  • Any wounded deer will be charged to the Hunter the same as a harvested animal. **All Hunts are guided and no more than 2 hunters on the ranch at the same time. Exceptions would be a Parent/Child hunt where 2 People hunt in blind together with only one guide. **Included in hunts-Guide, lodging, meals, shooting range and transportation on ranch **All payments paid at Yellow Moon Ranch for Trophy Fees, guide tips, add on hunts, observers etc. must be paid by cash or credit card, (visa or master card).
  • Hunts are 3 days and 2 nights normally.
    • Day 1---Arrive around noon, get settled in, shoot guns/bows and head out for the evening hunt. At dark, back to the house for dinner and drinks. If there was a harvest, then take care of animal(s) harvested and put in cooler.
    • Day 2---Early coffee and snack, then get to blinds for morning hunt. Mid-morning, return to lodge for breakfast and a few hours at leisure. Mid-afternoon, head back to the blinds for evening hunt. At dark, back to the lodge for dinner, drinks and campfire. Again, take care of any harvested game.
    • Day 3---Again, early coffee and snack, then to the blinds. After the hunt, another Trophy breakfast back at the lodge. We will then take care of Hunt Fees, meat preparation, taxidermy and get ready to depart by noon. Trophy Hunts only, may stay for the evening hunt on day 3 if no harvest has been taken or an exotic is requested.


Axis Buck---------------------------------------------$3500
Fallow Buck------------------------------------------$4500
Fallow Buck "Premium"---------------------------$5500
Gemsbok Bull---------------------------------------$6500

Add on with Whitetail or Exotic Hunts or Observers

Axis Does----------------------------------------------$500
Fallow Does-------------------------------------------$500
Whitetail Does---------------------------------------$500

  • Exotic hunts are 3-Days and 2 -Nights if needed.
  • $250 per night meal/lodging fee will be added for one hunter only! If 2 hunters or at least 2 animals harvested, no meal/lodging fee will be added.
  • $1500 Deposit must be paid at booking and that fee will be deducted from the Trophy Fee if animal harvested.

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